Visiting Home

Hi all,
I’ve been home visiting my family, and staying really busy.  This is the first time I’ve been at a computer in three days.  When I’m home I find that I’m not as “obsessed” with the internet as my parents think I am.  Procrastination and obsession are so obviously different. 🙂 In the past couple of days I have done so much!! I LOVE THE SUMMER!

~gone to Trivia with my family
~went to the antique store with my cousin from VA and bought the cutest boots for $9 (will post a photo later)
~celebrated my brother’s 8th birthday
~slept at the lake and had fun with my cousins and some of their friends
~Fished all day, cleaned the fish and cooked them up for dinner
~gone to the Flea Market with my cousin, grandma, and siblings
I can’t wait to see what else I do before I go back to campus!

#3 Travel Somewhere New

3. Travel somewhere I haven’t been

Ey-oh! I’ll finish this list in no time. 
Lovely readers, I am in New Orleans for a yearbook workshop.

My flights were good; I only got a little sick, and I officially decided that if I got a chance to skydive, I totally would do it! Looking out the window of the plane, I couldn’t help but feel trapped.  The plane was ruining my view; all I wanted was to be out in the air, flying around.

Oh how I wish we could sit on clouds like Peter Pan does.

Canal Street

New Orleans is very rustic.  I like it.

The hotel room is a very clean rustic.  I love the colors.

One down 19 to go!

I dreamed about Iron-man while napping last Wednesday.  I also dreamed about becoming a Vampire on Tuesday.  They were fantastic dreams, might I add. I finally watched The Vampire Diaries season finale yesterday and holy cow.  Seriously, I was blown away, freaking out, whatever.  I might watch it again.

Anyway, the semester is over!  I’m still on campus, and I’ve been working a lot.  I hate not being home.  I especially hate having to pack to go home and to move into my summer housing. I’m also worried about when I’m going to finish my job on campus so I can get home for my other summer job.  I will not be able to last all by myself on campus!  I need bonfires, the pool, nights at the lake, and time playing with my siblings.

Today, I bought a camera! Woop!  Number 12 down.  It will ship next week.  This is another reason I need to be home for summer.  I HAVE to use this new camera.

12. Buy a waterproof video camera

And this trailer made my night.  Don’t even talk to me about Andrew Garfield.  I am developing the biggest crush on him.  I think he is super talented, and I can’t wait to see him as Peter Parker!