Then there was that time I went to Pollywogg Holler for the first time, but it was the place I always used to wonder about when I was little because my mom took me there once for some sort of art show.

I have vivid memories of this place. I must have been seven or eight the first time I went. Needless to say, it’s a pretty neat place hidden in the woods.

The band that played Wednesday was very good, as was my Yuengling, and it started to pour just as we got back to the road in the pitch black.















allegany state park

Highlights were:

  • swimming in the lake and yelping like an idiot (even though i’m not supposed to)
  • hiking 10 miles to an inaccessible firetower (still cool, excellent trail)
  • sleeping in a tent with hannah and rachael and jude (who needed his crate to sleep – so the crate was put in the tent with everyone)
  • spending a good chunk of sunday wading around in the lake and retrieving



















first fish of 2016

Sunday around 2:45, I decided to take my cousin, Brody, to the river to try to bring some trout home. Charlie came with us and was very confused as to why he couldn’t go after the bait himself.¬†I think it was maybe 36 degrees. I wasn’t sure whether the river had been stocked yet, but I caught¬†a nice 13 inch trout in after only a couple of casts.¬†Brody was pumped-and nice enough to take a photo for me. Charlie wanted to know what the heck the fish¬†was doing flopping around in the grass.

I used¬†a brown and red spinner to pull the first fish in, but Brody’s bright green spinner didn’t weigh as much. He struggling to cast it so we switched rods. We walked the river bank for two hours and didn’t get any more fish, not one. Apparently, the river is not¬†stocked yet, and I caught the lone survivor¬†of last year’s release. Brody was such a trooper and very cold by the time he had had¬†enough.

I did bring my catch home. He was too nice to pass up on those fillets. I used¬†this video tutorial to fillet him. Hopefully, the river is stocked very soon. This past weekend was supposed to be the last of cold the weather. It’s downhill from here! Here are my mental notes from the mini fishing trip though.

  1. I should have worn my rubber boots.
  2. A net would be handy but it’s not absolutely necessary.
  3. It’s cold. Where gloves.
  4. I should bring a stringer next time.
  5. I really need to invest in some women’s outdoorsy pants.

I’d love to find pants that are brush resistant and waterproof but fit like a jogger. Most hunting and fishing clothes are tailored better for men.Yesterday,¬†I was out there in my purple Maurice’s jeggings, The North Face winter hiking boots, Field & Stream Hoodie, Columbia fishing vest, and a crocheted headband. I was quite the fisherman.

a saturday with charlie

Saturday was Charlie’s first big social outing. The Saint Paddy’s Day parade/town-wide festival was this weekend so my Aunt and Uncle opted to invite people out to their land instead. Charlie is still sort of touchy about other people. He gets defensive and concerned when other dogs approach me. Plus he’s nosy and wants to get in everyone’s business.

I’m pretty sure he will grow out of this protective nature, to an extent,¬†as he gets used to my big family. He still gets homesick when we are gone too long. He’s a homebody, but he’s a sweetie too.

Luckily, we only had one mishap with another dog. He had fun swimming and running around with a couple of other dogs though.




My Weekend in iPhone Photos

On Friday, I went to the NYS Festival of Balloons with my littlest sister and good friend.
On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings, I went goose hunting with my Dad. We woke up at 5:30 AM, and after we tried to get a shot at the geese, we fished for some bass.
On Sunday, I went to a picnic about an hour from home with my Dad’s extended family.
Then Monday I chilled with my parents and siblings and watched home videos.
Overall, a successful weekend.

Wait. August, Where Did You Go?

Hang on. I did not process the fact that it is now September…¬†

Okay… I guess it is September already. August went very quickly even with the stifling humidity which, let me tell you, has a huge presence in my workplace because I don’t have A/C in my area. At any rate, I had a lot of fun this August. I went to a couple of new places and a couple of old places too. I spent a lot of time outside with friends and family.

I danced an Irish jig with my family at the Irish Festival.

I even joined a band and was paid to sing in front of people. I congratulate myself on that; I think it is quite neat. I’M BASICALLY A ROCKSTAR.

We’re a super cool¬†girl-band, obviously.¬†

And this is a baby. 

I got to hang out with her a lot this past month.

Oh August, I hope you don’t feel bad, but I really do love September. When I was in school it meant a new school year. Nerves and excitement mixed with the smell of a cool breeze. ¬†September kicks off my favorite season, fall. Football, hunting, sweaters, jeans, and cool evenings, what’s not to love? August, I kiss you goodbye and thank you for all the warm weather and smiles. Until next year!