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I’ve been thinking about these for awhile, and I finally wrote them down. They aren’t in any particular order, and here are the last five.
15. Buy another fish (or two)
16. Write a song for someone 
17. Skip classes and go somewhere near water
18. Tell someone I miss that I love them
19. Sketch a picture for someone random
20. Sing in a grocery store
To see the full list click here.  I think there are some good times ahead, if I can find people who want to share these moments with me.
“I gotta grow up be someone, draw map, find a path, take a breathe, and run. Gotta get past this, be better than I once was. Tired of waiting on someone else, I can fix it by myself.” _He_Is_We_And_Run_
And here is one of my new favorite sites, Texts From Dog
Just warnin ya, there is some vulgar language in some of the posts, but they are extremely funny.
Enjoy More!