trip to nyc 4.28.2017

Trip number two of 2017: visiting Nancy and seeing Anastasia on Broadway.

Trip number two was a long time coming. I’m not a huge NYC fan, but I needed to see this show. Also, I hadn’t seen Nancy in maybe two-ish years. We bought tickets 4 months in advance for the opening week of Anastasia on Broadway . Nancy and I grew up on this movie and made everyone watch it for a Newman movie night in college. Obviously, we were ecstatic about it becoming a musical. So I drove to Jersey and stayed at her family’s house for the weekend. Nancy took me to some of her favorite restaurants. I got to chat with her family. We got pedicures too before we took the bus into the city – which is super affordable and super nauseating. I haven’t had motion sickness like that in a long while. It was worth it; the show was amazing. The set was beautiful. The characters were interesting. The music! The music was and is wonderful. We also found this neat salad chain called Chopt (which my company made glazed brick for several months later – so that’s cool). We went to the Central Park Zoo because I love zoos and will always pay to go watch animals all day long. Trip Rating: Excellent.


trip to boston 3.17.2017

Trip number one of 2017: St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Boston to see Dropkick Murphy’s.

This was the first trip of the year, and it was one that I wasn’t sure I wanted to make. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to save the money and go. I decided I would if we got a hotel and weren’t going to go too wild for St. Patrick’s. It was a perfect weekend trip. We got breakfast at a little corner shop and walked from there through Chinatown down to the Aquarium. We had a late lunch at an expensive seafood restaurant right on the water, then headed to the concert – which was awesome. On the way home we stopped at Howe Caverns which is as awesome now as it was when I was in eighth grade.

allegany state park

Highlights were:

  • swimming in the lake and yelping like an idiot (even though i’m not supposed to)
  • hiking 10 miles to an inaccessible firetower (still cool, excellent trail)
  • sleeping in a tent with hannah and rachael and jude (who needed his crate to sleep – so the crate was put in the tent with everyone)
  • spending a good chunk of sunday wading around in the lake and retrieving



















My Summer Bucket List

In April, I began to write a post in which I laid out everything I wanted to do during the summer. It didn’t get finished, but I obviously did a lot of things like my day trip to Cayuga Lake and all those days spent at my uncle’s land.¬†

Since the first day of fall is the 23rd, there are exactly 20 days left of summer if I include today. That’s 20 days to do plenty more with my summer. Here’s a small list of things I hope to do and/or go to in the next twenty days.

1. The New York State Festival of Balloons TONIGHT
2. Go fishing/paddling at least two more times
3. Hike Stony Brook 
4. Lay out in the sun so much my tan lasts until March
5. The Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Sept. 19-20

I really want to go to the Fiber Festival. I didn’t even know it existed until I looked into yarn related events in NY last fall. It looks like their will be a lot of vendors there. I think I will like it a lot. I took the photo above about twenty minutes from my house near my uncle’s. The sheep love talking to you up there. ūüėČ

Repost: Driving To and From College

Since it is back to school time,  I found a post from my previous blog about those long hours driving to and from college.

“I speak aloud when I drive by myself. ¬†It just happens. ¬†I get about an hour to two hours out, and I just start talking to myself.

I get distracted.
“What the poop was that?”

I drive this route with my eyes closed.
“How did I get here?”

I belt out Mumford & Sons to my steering wheel.

I think about something and finish my thought aloud.
“That was such a good time.”

I imagine what it would be like to jump out of a moving vehicle.
“I’d have to be wearing a thick jacket.”

I yell at other drivers.

“The speed limit is 30 through here!”

P.S.¬†Here‘s the link to the story of the time I thought I saw a werewolf when I was driving home from school. I even got crafty and¬† drew it out for your viewing pleasure.”