about me

Welcome to my blog, Lost Upstate, where I rationalize my choices, explain how I pay down debt and display Western New York (and beyond) in all its glory.


My name is Hannah. I am twenty-six, single, a former English major, and a current home-owner. I am making a life for myself and my dog, Charlie, in western New York.

I am currently an Accounting Assistant but spent almost four years in the tile industry as a Product and Branding Specialist.

I am a self-proclaimed introvert and Renaissance woman. I sing. I paint. I rent floor sanders and refinish the floors in my house. I tile showers and rip out lath and plaster. I put a ridiculous amount of money toward my student loans each month because I hope to have kids and retire one day. I love beautiful landscapes, my dog, subway tile, art, and plants.



This is Charlie, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He thinks we are a one-woman-one-dog-wolf-pack. He also sleeps a lot and acts like a big baby when he doesn’t get his way. We take a lot of walks and go swimming as much as we can.

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