valentine’s day 2018

I’m lonely, and that’s good because I’m still looking. I’m lonely and that’s good because I didn’t do something I regret. ‚ÄéI’m lonely, and that’s good because I’m working on myself. ‚ÄéI’m lonely, but I still love myself. ‚ÄéI’m lonely, but I’m still happy.


learn to trust yourself

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While putting your¬†laundry away, you were thinking about choices. Life is full of them. The choice you¬†make every day is to live in this town. You like it here,¬†but¬†you¬†don’t know if somewhere¬†else could be¬†better. You know that you’d¬†miss your family, but you¬†don’t know if things would go right for you¬†just because you¬†changed the scenery.

Maybe it takes¬†participating in a talent show at your high school to realize that¬†something is missing. You’ve¬†been preoccupied with making the right¬†decisions without recognizing how you arrived¬†where you are today. You¬†have been having trouble believing¬†in yourself¬†because you’ve been disappointed by yourself¬†in the past. You¬†have been doubting your¬†decisions. You just don’t trust yourself¬†to make the right ones.

You¬†hadn’t really yet put into words why you¬†get so uncomfortable when you¬†think about high school (and now college). Now you understand¬†that the high school campus reminds you¬†of the potential you¬†had, and college reminds you¬†of the anxiety and doubt that worstened while you¬†were¬†there.¬†You¬†don’t know why you didn’t acknowledge it before this, but your¬†misconceptions¬†have destroyed the pride you once had in your accomplishments. Now you constantly¬†worry whether you¬†should be changing the status quo or staying with¬†this path. You¬†can’t decide what your¬†passion is and whether or not that even matters for a career.

There are a couple people in your¬†life who truly believe that you¬†can do anything you¬†want. They want you¬†to do what you¬†love and be successful emotionally and financially. There are also those who want you¬†to be rational and traditional about your¬†career. A couple of them¬†have given up on themselves a little bit.¬†Show them all that it’s about hard work and a good attitude. Rebuild your¬†self-confidence and learn to trust yourself¬†again. Today is a new day.

Write down your goals.

Put your goals first.

Make this day better than the last.

Most importantly, understand this, in¬†order for you¬†to find happiness where you¬†are, no matter where that is, you¬†have to be happy with yourself. Stop letting your attitude beat down your goals. Even if they don’t appear to be amazing, life-changing¬†plans, they are¬†your jumping off point. Make sure that¬†you keep moving forward, and only look back to glean something helpful. Don’t look back for too long. Remember, tomorrow is when it gets even more interesting.

book review: maybe in another life

Maybe in Another LifeMaybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay Taylor Jenkins Reid, I hear you. Did you have to drive it in so adamantly? Here I am, a lost and confused millennial with student loans to pay and life decisions to make, and you waltz in and tell me that it’s all going to be alright. How dare you?

This book was crafted perfectly for someone like me. The side by side comparison of two parallel lives both freaked me out and inspired me. I think that every decision I make alters my life forever and that worries me because I get stuck trying to make the right decision. Then I end up 29, like Hannah Martin, hopping from place to place thinking I have made all the wrong decisions.

I don’t have all the answers from reading this novel, but that is kind of the point. No one knows whether their choices are the right choices. The idea is to make a choice and stick to it and surround yourself with people that love you.

It seems so damn easy! Hannah’s story shows us that it isn’t.

The thing about these two universes is that the characters learn similar lessons but in different ways. I found the character development fascinating. Both Hannah and Gabbi discovered things about themselves and their lives through different means and at different paces. It was wild.

I listened to the audible version of this book. I have to say the narrator did quite well but I thought her male characters came across as weak. I had to reimagine their voices to give them more personality.

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the pressure to succeed

I was sitting here ready to pour out my heart about being in a rut. I was going to say that my mission to be positive worked on my coworker, but I feel more down than ever.Then I realized that I wasn’t thinking about money. That mad me happy, like ‘Hey look at you!” Then¬†I thought about money which made me feel bad again.

Then I stumbled upon this article from Why Millennials Feel More Pressure to Succeed Than Any Other Generation.

It reminded me about the times I have caught myself thinking about celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lawrence.¬†I can’t be¬†worldwide¬†like¬†Taylor Swift. I can’t make as much money as her, and for some wild reason, that makes me feel inadequate.

“Why haven’t I made a life changing app or website?”

“Why haven’t I become an amazing doctor?”

“Why haven’t I made a million dollars?”

“Why haven’t I traveled the world?”

“Why isn’t my body thin and youthful and tabloid worthy?”

“Why don’t I have an Oscar?”

“Why don’t I have a platinum record?”

Comparing myself to celebrities seems downright unbalanced.

Maybe Tay-Tay has been on a world tour, but have she ever caught a trout along the river or had a black bear walk by her in the woods?

Probably not.

The author of the article¬†I mentioned wrote¬†that, “it was the shame of feeling like I haven’t done enough with my life … and that time is running out.”¬†The funny part is that the author was talking about this feeling upon turning 30. I feel like this, and I’m only 23.

However, there is something to look at in the¬†successes of the “rich and famous” which is that they have dedicated their lives to their work in a way that I will probably never understand. My one true complaint¬†is that I wish I could have found my passion and the path to making money from it when I was 13. That would have been real nice.


my favorite side hustling links

tax return

Here’s the thing about living in a small town and working for¬†a small business: it puts a lot of pressure on my wallet. Adult-ing is hard. Balancing my love for my rural hometown and the need to have a successful career and pay off my loans causes me a lot of stress.¬†In an effort to be proactive in this aspect of my life, I’m on a mission to make money on the side. I know I have the spirit of a side hustler, I just have to find my niche.

Pinterest is constantly filling¬†my feed with articles featuring lists of ways to make money¬†online or from home. Some are really helpful, some not so much.¬†There are a few lists that I found¬†extremely helpful. The Penny Hoarder is my favorite so far, but I also really like Making Sense of Cents. Here’s a list of the best suggestions for making money on the side as well as a list of odd jobs that actually bring in a little extra cash for me.

  1. 6 Online Jobs for College Students by Seed Time
  2. The 4 Side Jobs That Make Me Over $3,000 a Month by Busy Budgeter
  3. 103 Ways to Make Money at Home by The Penny Hoarder
  4. 30 Side Jobs to Make Money & Pay Down Debt by Frugal Fanatic
  5. Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month by Making Sense of Cents

I also have my own personal suggestions for a busy millennial struggling for pocket change.

  1. Selling garage sale items/thrift store finds on eBay and Facebook
  2. Trading in clothes you don’t wear at a clothing boutique
  3. Completing surveys on Swagbucks
  4. Starting a band

I’ve made quite a few sales on eBay with items I bought from the Salvation Army. The turn around is relatively quick if you find interesting things. I¬†sold kids snow shoes, a pet barrier for¬†the car, and an HD cable antenna – all of which I found at the thrift store. I also sold a few things I was no longer using, like a pair of Ariat boots and a guitar case.¬†I go through my closet to weed out items I don’t wear enough, and I trade them in at a local clothing shop. I do this almost every time the seasons change. I usually trade my items in for store credit so I can get something new, but they also offer cash in exchange for lightly used clothing.

I started using Swagbucks a couple of months ago. I was primarily using their search engine and only earning a few Swagbucks a week. I didn’t understand how so many people had success with it, but after I started completing the surveys, I racked up enough ‘bucks’ to redeem a $25 PayPal gift card. It only took a week or so once I started doing a couple of surveys every night. I was really impressed with the variety of gift cards available but opted for the PayPal card since I have a couple of small bills that come out of my PayPal account. I haven’t referred anyone yet, but if you find this post helpful at all, use my referral link to get bonus Swagbucks.

If you have a couple of musically talented friends, or family in my case, get together and start a band. It requires some equipment, but¬†a lot of venues¬†have equipment on site. I was lucky to have a family member who had all the equipment already. Booking a gig every few weeks can bring in a good amount of cash (as long as you don’t spend it on alcohol while you’re out performing). Bonus: playing music and getting out of the house can help you unwind and have fun.

I hope to keep expanding my list of side hustles as I continue to pay down my school loans. I keep track of almost all of my bank/financial transactions so I should be able to compile my monthly earnings pretty easily.Maybe I’ll be able to do a “Side Hustle Monthly Roundup.