before/after: wood floors

The first thing I did when I bought my house was move the original furniture out of the way and paint. The next thing I did was tear up the horrible carpet pictured below.

Is it just me or does that chair look like it has a face?

It’s very weird looking at this photo now because I am so used to – and in love with – the finished room that I cannot believe it looked like this.

After ripping up the carpet, I spent several months with it looking like the below photo. I kept shifting the furniture around, trying not to scrape the floor or spill anything on it. I put off doing it for too long because I wanted to make sure I was ready to do it myself. I’m like my Dad – or maybe I learned it from my Dad. If I’m going to do something on my own, I want to do it right, and I want to know what to expect. So I watched dozens of YouTube videos about sanding wood floors, both old and new, to make sure I didn’t screw it up.

It only took me four months, but I finally did it.

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last weekend’s successes

Last weekend, I was so very productive. I can’t even believe it. I did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, fixed my computer, mowed the lawn, and organized the basement and garage a bit. I also took down all the wall hangings in the hallway/bathroom upstairs and taped off the moulding and windows to paint. I painted two coats of primer with a friend’s help and then one coat of a pretty pale blue. I had it all complete by Sunday morning.

I don’t know if there is any paint job more satisfying than one that covers up wood paneling. It’s one of the best things in the world. Our house had two different shades of paneling upstairs. There’s a light colored one that is on the stairway and most of the walls, but there was the pine colored to the left of the stairs. That’s the section I painted over.

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I think the stairway will be done in a white or almost-white paint. I can’t wait for that day. Luckily, the lighter paneling covers very easily. No stains seep through the primer, that means that even though it is more wall space, it should go more quickly.

I used Kilz white primer (which I found in the basement), painters tape, a screwdriver (to remove the electric coverings and wall fixtures), and Kilz interior paint (another thing I found in the basement). We brushed the paint onto the panel seams to make sure those were filled in first then rolled the rest. I cut into the ceiling and floor by hand. I made a mess on the tile frames, but I’m certain that will scrape off with a blade.

I’m really happy with how bright it is. Sara and I aren’t used to blue because our Mom does not like blue at all. It’s sort of surprising to see such a bright color on the walls. I think it is going to stick though and will be really neat when we finish painting the rest of the hall.

I also really want my room to be either painted or completely gutted and redone. I like the feel of my room, bu the wood paneling is just so… brown. I gave it a little more character by staining it, but it’s just not shiplap. It looks like paneling. I WANT TO PAINT ALL THE PANELING. Muahahaha!

My Weekend in iPhone Photos

On Friday, I went to the NYS Festival of Balloons with my littlest sister and good friend.
On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings, I went goose hunting with my Dad. We woke up at 5:30 AM, and after we tried to get a shot at the geese, we fished for some bass.
On Sunday, I went to a picnic about an hour from home with my Dad’s extended family.
Then Monday I chilled with my parents and siblings and watched home videos.
Overall, a successful weekend.

Living Room Before and After

My family home is over 100 years old, and my dad has been tackling a different project each year for the past 18 years. The living room was one of the last rooms to be gutted and redone. 

Along with the dry wall and paint job, my Dad rewired the surround sound and put all of the entertainment cables and cords in the walls. Fancy.

My sister was very aware that I was taking snapshots of the room and  did not see any need to sit up.
Bonus: Adorable beagle.

Don’t my mom and dad make a great home renovation team?