instagram tv debut

In case you wanted to know, if you aren’t following me on Instagram, you are missing out on some day to day stuff. I think my IG branding is on point, honestly. Hahaha. I decided to try my hand at the daunting format of video. I even bought a fancy video editing software. I find I hate talking to a camera when what I really want to be doing is listening to music or an audiobook and WORKING. So I tried narrating this one and making it was actually kind of enjoyable.

So, so crafty: DIY and upcycling!

Summer! Where have you gone? While I didn’t accomplish everything I planned, I think I had a fulfilling vacation.

Here are two/three projects I finished this summer. The first is a t-shirt rug. It took me forever because I kept adding shirts which meant I had to hit up the thrift store several times. I started it in the winter I think, but finished a few weeks ago. I found a guide on Pinterest which I would totally link for you but my laptop is being weird so I’m typing this on mobile.

You can Google it.

The second project I have pictures of 
I had wanted to do forever. I absolutely hate wasted crayons. Honestly, I might be one of those annoying parents who sends her kids to school with old crayons because I feel so guilty when I buy new ones. So, I found some ways to use those old broken crayons.  I modified the projects I found online in many ways in order to use what I had on hand, but I was happy with the results.
I ended up with a cool crayon candle in my school colors. I might never burn it but it makes for neat decor. I also made new circle crayons by melting old ones in a cupcake pan.

DIY Shorts

Over spring break I made some shorts out of a pair of capris. I cut them, iron glued the hems, and then added some holes and scuffs. Overall, I think they look good.  I think they would look better if shorter, but I am too modest for booty shorts. 😉