Friday Finds

Some thingies!

Handcrafted leather bags!

Custom Waxed Canvas and Leather Medium Backpack


Sublime Art
38246993.LegionofHonor005.jpg (via)

Jason Aldean!…swoon.
He’s not very attractive, but his music is oh so lovely and rockin’.

DIY Sunday

Last weekend was very busy. We were like worker bees. Not even joking.  
My sister left for Nashville to nanny for our aunt and uncle, and I started my summer job.  We also moved rooms around in our house to accommodate for my sister’s recent graduation, which to my  mom means we can kick Sara’s stuff into totes and her butt into a shared room (just like me *ugh* ).  
But, it did make for some good projects to do.  Everyone seemed to be on a roll. My mom was painting, my dad was building, I was knitting again, and my brother wanted me to teach him a craft.  Anyway here are some of the photos of our DIY weekend.
John tried to make an orange bracelet after failing at knitting.
I ended up finishing this.
My dad saw these Xs and Qs on sale at WalMart and got a little genius.
We’ve had this little table forever; he painted it, cut the tails off the Qs, painted the letters, and woll-ah (voile?) instant tic-tac-toe!
It’s pretty cool.
Then there’s Spongebob.  We were at Valu Center and my brother saw these sponges….
And then, there’s me.  I’m such an old lady.
Those sneakers go with everything though!

Inadequacy…I mean BRACELETS!

You know that post that just seems too personal?  I’m talking about the one that you can’t seem to press submit/enter for but just delete either.  Well this isn’t that post.  That entry is in my head lurking around.  It’s about the feeling of inadequacy and the dreadful urge to be submissive about it.  Ah well.  I guess I have to take things day by day.  Today I’m going to share my DIY project:  Turning my old t-shirts into new bracelets.

Now that it is summer, I can come home from the office, plop myself down, and relax.  No homework to do; no deadlines to worry about.  Well, I mean nothing too scary.  So I have this bag of t-shirts (cue photo of my plastic bag of t-shirts that I don’t have currently).  In reality, they aren’t t-shirts.  They are the leftover scraps from my “High School Pillow” project.  I saw this tutorial on how to make a 5-Stranf-Braided-Headbands on another blog once, and I decided that this what exactly what I needed.  So I’m making bracelets, and I’ll probably have a lot of extra ones when I’m done.  So if you need a cool looking bracelet, let me know!

And this is my new room.  That’s my roommates bed.

And that is my desk and bed.  Where I found is right where I want it.  Closest to a window.

Oh, and my camera shipped today!  Only thing is, I had it shipped to my home! Now my brother is recording my siblings in the pool.  I guess that’s what it is for anyway!