Gosh I’m Lame…..I mean AWESOME

Saturday nights I work from four to nine.  I do Calculus homework beforehand, and when I get home I watch a movie or relax in some other way (so lame).  Yesterday, my sister called just as I got out of work.  I spent over two hours talking to her! (I also spent five hours chatting with a friend Friday night, must have needed to talk it out.)  
I did this^^ while talking to my sister.  
They are my sheets and were light blue and starting to fade beforehand.  They are in the dryer now, but I can’t wait to put them on my bed!! They are so pretty.
It was funny because I had to put the phone on speaker while I worked the dye.  My hand is still kind of purple.  Then when I was rinsing them in the shower, I was still talking to me sister.  I’m sure the whole house heard her through the speaker.  Thin walls.
After my sister got tired and needed to sleep I started crafting.  I hate throwing away my old catalogs so I decided to make a poster.  Maybe I’ll use it at parties, maybe I’ll just look at it myself.  Who knows?
While doing this my friend texted me something about starting a movie review column in his school’s newspaper.  We like talking about movies and I congratulated him.  We started texting back and forth about movies and stuff.  I want to share a segment.
friend: What’s your opinion on Lord of the Rings?

me: Like overall?

friend: Haha just if you like it, movies more so than books I suppose. The books are hard to gauge because, as you probably know, they’re absolutely brilliant but absolutely terrible to read

me:oh my gosh i just had this long answer written out and accidentally deleted it. hang on

me:the books sit on my shelf untouched. i will get through them one day! But i actually get lord of the rings movie cravings sometimes. I really like revisiting them. I think the vastness is what draws me in; I watched all three uncut versions over winter break and was really in awe.  viggo was definitely brilliant. thinking about it I think the intense seriousness was sometimes dangerous. like it was close to being awkward. but i think the actors owned it.  so that’s my spot on answer. what about you?

me: so ya i like them a lot. and i’d probably choose them over star wars. but i haven’t seen star wars all the way through and in order in awhile 😛

friend: Seriously Hannah?  Why are you so awesome?! Haha that’s the best response to “so what’s you opinion on lord of the rings?” I’ve ever heard hahaha

me: Lol #winning! thanks. 🙂 I’m glad someone appreciates my taste!

I didn’t finish; it was 2:30am before I hopped in bed.  Hopefully I can finish it today.  I have to tackle calling some prospective hostesses today too.  I hate calling people.  I much prefer talking in person.  :/ I also have to finish my homework.

DIY Friday & The Hunger Games

Three weeks until The Hunger Games premier.  Who is excited?! Well I sure am.
Look what I got!
 I have only been to a midnight showing once!
So here is my DIY project from today.  In the spirit of the 3 week countdown until the premier, I made a shirt for that night.  I have had this shirt since tenth grade and figured it could use an upgrade.  And, I definitely hummed Safe and Sound while doing this.
At first, I put the tape directly on my shirt, but drawing it out
worked so much nicer. I used the sketch as a template then taped over it and transferred.
The black tape (I can’t remember the actually name) worked much better than duct tape.
I cut the black tape in half and used that size consistently which made it so much easier.
I used a paper template for the “S”s which made me nervous because of bleeding,
I put some tape on them to make them stick
I was still really nervous about the “S”s. Oh well.
I put some cardboard in between.
I used black spray paint, I like how it looks rustic.  I definitely almost went outside without getting my keys.  Good thing I remembered I would have been locked out.
And here is how it turned out.  Like I said, the “S” worried me, and I should have gone with my gut.  Still, I think it looks awesome.  I might put something on the back like “Peeta is mine” or “May the odds be ever in your favor.”  I’m not sure yet though.  It is definitely going to need to air outside for awhile.  If only this rain would let up!

I hope you like it!! 🙂 Happy Reaping.