Can’t sleep

It’s 3:00am my time, and yet I’m writing blog posts.  in fact, this is my third; I’m saving the others for later.  How sly of me! At any rate, I don’t know why, but I cannot sleep!  I might have overstimulated myself.  I spent the entire day working on my yearbook.  I was on a roll and I rolled until midnight.  Then, I played a puzzle game with my youngest sister for an hour.  Then, I quietly left my sleeping sibings in our bed and put my laundry away.  After that, I needed something else to do, so I made myself some decaf black tea and painted my nails.  Since I was up, I decided to finally get some posts drafted because they tend to pile up in my brain and never get posted.  Will I sleep after this?  Who knows? But, I found some photos of me on the side of the road when my car stalled out on the highway. Just taking those lemons and making lemondade, I suppose.
This was the second trip, first stall.

Second stall out.

Lens flare. Yupp, yupp.
What’s wrong with my car is still debatable.  It won’t die; so there is no concrete way of knowing what is wrong.  It stalls then turns on after a few minutes.  

To finish, I don’t think I ever remarked on the rest of my days with my cousins (or posted a photo of my boots).  I still don’t have a photo of my crazy boots, but I can tell you the other memories we made this summertime reunion (I didn’t take many photos-too busy).  We went to dinner at a local restaurant, and it was fantastic.  I had an appetizer of baby clams and a honey mustard chicken sandwich for dinner.  We all got a different dessert (note: I had to double check my spelling on that-how lame) cakes and passed them around the table once.  I  had an Irish Cream  cake.  It was great, but all four were pretty darn scrumptious.  Later on we went to the drive in and saw Prometheus and Chernobyl Diaries.  Prometheus was very cool and Chernobyl Diaries was horror-movie entertaining.  I really liked Noomi Rapace in Prometheus.  The character wasn’t intense like she was in The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version). I thought she was a normal and very recognizable character, which I always love to see because I like to be able to respect fictitious people! Anywho, if you like Alien movies, see Prometheus.  Finally, on Tuesday we hung out at my grandparents house.  We watched TV and talked and wished my cousin a good trip home. Cousinly traditions complete.

Food in Nawlins

So, this is my post about New Orleans. 
Or-lens… Orlins… Or-leeens?
Well however you say it, their food is still great!
Basically, you gotta have a lot a cash saved up because all you’re going to want to do is eat when you’re here, and there are plenty of places to do it!
Exhibit A
We ate at the Bourbon House on Wednesday night.  I got Shrimp Creole, and it was very spicy.
Exhibit B
The Acme Oyster House had us for lunch on Thursday.  

I got fried oysters with hush puppies and french fries. So delicious. 
 Exhibit C
‘El’ Cafe Du Monde.  I say El because of my Spanish background.  Who knows what it really is in French. 😛
We went here Thursday for desert; this is the beignet we shared.
At my design class. :/
I was in love the hotel room.  I need to get white sheets and a white comforter  and paint my room tangerine, ASAP.
That’s me and Abby outside the hotel.  I took less photos than I normally do.  This is the only one of both of us. 😛

#3 Travel Somewhere New

3. Travel somewhere I haven’t been

Ey-oh! I’ll finish this list in no time. 
Lovely readers, I am in New Orleans for a yearbook workshop.

My flights were good; I only got a little sick, and I officially decided that if I got a chance to skydive, I totally would do it! Looking out the window of the plane, I couldn’t help but feel trapped.  The plane was ruining my view; all I wanted was to be out in the air, flying around.

Oh how I wish we could sit on clouds like Peter Pan does.

Canal Street

New Orleans is very rustic.  I like it.

The hotel room is a very clean rustic.  I love the colors.