currently: march 2020

currently loving: All of my favorite podcasts, like Art Juice, Gary Vee, and Dave Ramsey, are getting me through my work days lately. I have been extra productive and on top of things. 

currently reading: I almost finished reading My Dear Hamilton, the first historical fiction novel I have read in quite a while. I really enjoyed it and want to read more historical novels this year. It has become my weekend morning routine to wake up and stay in bed reading. I also finished Outlander on Audible and ending up starting the second book after a brief break. Then, I started Extremely, Loud, and Incredibly Close — which I was supposed to read in 2019.

currently watching: I restarted The Office a few weeks ago, and it has been nice to have on in the background while I cook dinner and clean. I can’t watch new shows with only partial attention, but I did find time to watch the first season of The Witcher. I thought that was fun. Then I started Peaky Blinders; I quickly became a bit obsessed with it and lost a few evenings glued to the screen. Oops.

currently celebrating: I finished the online mini-MBA course through the University of Buffalo that I started in the fall. I am glad I did it. It was a bit of an investment, but I think it has made an impact on my future goals.

currently thinking: I am scheming and plotting. I feel really optimistic lately. I think finishing the online course and listening to encouraging podcasts have helped me start to see the future as something exciting again.

currently worrying: Well, since I cut down my hours at the bar, I would really like to pick up a side income again. If I did go back to tending bar, I would probably want it to be a little more lucrative. I have been considering renting out a room in my house (*vaguely* considering).

currently knitting: This is embarrassing, I finally finished a scarf I started over a year ago. Honestly, it might be two years since I started it. I finished it while watching The Witcher and Peaky Blinders! 

currently painting: I told myself I couldn’t paint until I finished my online course. I sort of defeated that by binge-watching Netflix shows. BUT now that I have finished the course, I HAVE PLANS. I am going to have fun. I am going to dig deeper and do better.