Repost: Driving To and From College

Since it is back to school time,  I found a post from my previous blog about those long hours driving to and from college.

“I speak aloud when I drive by myself.  It just happens.  I get about an hour to two hours out, and I just start talking to myself.

I get distracted.
“What the poop was that?”

I drive this route with my eyes closed.
“How did I get here?”

I belt out Mumford & Sons to my steering wheel.

I think about something and finish my thought aloud.
“That was such a good time.”

I imagine what it would be like to jump out of a moving vehicle.
“I’d have to be wearing a thick jacket.”

I yell at other drivers.

“The speed limit is 30 through here!”

P.S. Here‘s the link to the story of the time I thought I saw a werewolf when I was driving home from school. I even got crafty and  drew it out for your viewing pleasure.”