Wait. August, Where Did You Go?

Hang on. I did not process the fact that it is now September… 

Okay… I guess it is September already. August went very quickly even with the stifling humidity which, let me tell you, has a huge presence in my workplace because I don’t have A/C in my area. At any rate, I had a lot of fun this August. I went to a couple of new places and a couple of old places too. I spent a lot of time outside with friends and family.

I danced an Irish jig with my family at the Irish Festival.

I even joined a band and was paid to sing in front of people. I congratulate myself on that; I think it is quite neat. I’M BASICALLY A ROCKSTAR.

We’re a super cool girl-band, obviously. 

And this is a baby. 

I got to hang out with her a lot this past month.

Oh August, I hope you don’t feel bad, but I really do love September. When I was in school it meant a new school year. Nerves and excitement mixed with the smell of a cool breeze.  September kicks off my favorite season, fall. Football, hunting, sweaters, jeans, and cool evenings, what’s not to love? August, I kiss you goodbye and thank you for all the warm weather and smiles. Until next year!