My Summer Bucket List

In April, I began to write a post in which I laid out everything I wanted to do during the summer. It didn’t get finished, but I obviously did a lot of things like my day trip to Cayuga Lake and all those days spent at my uncle’s land. 

Since the first day of fall is the 23rd, there are exactly 20 days left of summer if I include today. That’s 20 days to do plenty more with my summer. Here’s a small list of things I hope to do and/or go to in the next twenty days.

1. The New York State Festival of Balloons TONIGHT
2. Go fishing/paddling at least two more times
3. Hike Stony Brook 
4. Lay out in the sun so much my tan lasts until March
5. The Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Sept. 19-20

I really want to go to the Fiber Festival. I didn’t even know it existed until I looked into yarn related events in NY last fall. It looks like their will be a lot of vendors there. I think I will like it a lot. I took the photo above about twenty minutes from my house near my uncle’s. The sheep love talking to you up there. 😉