My 2015 #21-30

My 2015 #21-30

21.What was your most common mental state this year (e.g. excited, curious, stressed)?
The first half of the year, I was a bit depressed. I was driving in the snow in my little green Chevy Cavalier that floated on slush. I was sharing a room with my littlest sister, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted. The second half was so much better. The second half was chill. I slowed down and said, “I am good right now.”

22.Was there anything you did for the very first time in your life this year?
I paid for my own electricity, directly. I mean I had to enroll with NYSEG. That was thrilling.

23.What was your favorite moment spent with your friends?
I had a great time at Rachael’s birthday night out. 😛
24.What major goal did you lay the foundations for?
I got on track to pay off my loans. It might take a long time, but it’s going to happen. If I hadn’t discovered Dave Ramsey’s podcast, it might have taken me a little longer to get my goals laid out. 

25.Which worries turned out to be completely unnecessary?
My money stress tends to be unnecessary. I’m still working. I still get a paycheck. It’s not all as bad as I think it is. 

26.What experience would you love to do all over again?
I went to visit my college friend, Nancy, and I need to visit her again real soon. Cheers.

27.What was the best gift you received?
Oh that’s easy Nancy sent me a framed cross-stitch she made for me that says, “Keep Calm Trust Cap.” It’s my favorite. 

28.How did your overall outlook on life evolve?
I discovered that there are jobs in the world that I am both qualified for and interested in doing. I think my attitude toward my future improved greatly. I no longer question my skills or my work ethic. I know my worth, and I know I can do so much more than I’m doing now.

29.What was the biggest problem you solved?

30.What was the funniest moment of your year, one that still makes it hard not to burst out laughing when you think about it?
I can’t remember. How lame.


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