I have an exam to be writing.  Whatever I wanted to share this. I might as well do it now. 

The past couple of nights have been beautiful.  The weather has been rainy and humid, but at night, it cools down a little.  It has also been a little misty around campus at night, and with the moon shining brightly, it is just gorgeous.  These uniquely Spring nights remind me of when I was little, and I would go Smelting (smelt fishing) with my Dad. We’d go out in the middle of the night with rubber boots and nets.  After we filled a bucket we’d go home, and the next day we’d clean them and fry them up.  The nights lately have been exactly like those early spring nights.  I miss doing it. We haven’t done it that much in recent years because the smelt aren’t running as well in the lakes near our home.  

Cooked Smelt 😉