3 things that suck and 3 things I like

I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and I realized I’ve been trying to do too much at once. Last Tuesday I wrote that I was waffling between paying down my student loans or saving. Well, since I don’t know how much longer I want to stay in my hometown, I decided to start putting money in savings and only pay the minimum on my loan. I figure if July comes around, and I still want to pay off my loan, I can do it with what’s in my savings.

That’s my plan anyway. We all know how plans are.

These three things that have really been bothering me lately.

  1. My best friend moved to Alaska and my other good friends live in the NYC area.
  2. I left a job I really loved, and I’m not sure how to find anything similar to it.
  3. I am always surrounded by people that are older than me.

These three things I highly recommend.

  1. I finally found a purpose for the t-shirt yarn I made and haven’t used. Macrame plant hangers.
  2. I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and so far I really only used it for rice. So I went looking for recipes and found a great pork carnitas recipe that had me using Cumin and Chili Powder – two spices I had in my cupboards but had never opened.
  3. This house is an inspiration in and of itself. The dark paint with the wood trim detail. Drooling over here.

it’s almost june

How, may I ask, is it almost June? We are close to half way through 2017. I’ve been busy this year. So here’s what I’m up to right now.

Currently Reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Currently Singing: JOSEPH music; I got a part in the summer musical.

Currently Watching: I finished Parks and Rec and I’m close to finishing Arrested Development.

Currently Loving: The balance between rain and sunshine we have been getting.

Currently Celebrating: The fact that I paid down a huge amount on my debt last month and that I’m shedding some weight again. I have to keep going.

Currently Thinking: I’ve been working so much the past few months, and it has paid off in a lot of ways. I hope I can get a little better at using my spare time efficiently though.

Currently Worrying: That I won’t make weight for my upcoming weigh in on Diet Bet. I’m so close, and this one has really helped me get back on track again.

Currently Hoping: That the vegetable plants I planted today grow nice and full.

Currently Painting: The first of what I hope is at least a four piece series.

Currently Knitting: A chunky blanket.

Currently Crocheting: A small blanket.

Currently Considering: If I should renovate my room or get quotes for a deck on the back of the house.

Currently Hating: That a part of my knee has still not healed from my accident in November. I have an MRI tomorrow.

Currently Trying: To Bullet Journal more regularly and set daily goals and plans.

Currently Thankful for: The USA and the brave men and women who lost their lives for it. I’m also thankful for the great day off I had because I managed to get a lot done.

Happy Memorial Day.

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april goals

Here were my March goals.

  1. read 3 books <<I read 1 and started another>>
  2. lift three times a week for 20 minutes <<I did this for 2 out of 5 weeks>>
  3. finish knitting Mia’s scarf <<definitely made progress on, but not complete>>
  4. take more photos <<eh>>
  5. job search and read up on my field (potential fields too) <<eh>>
  6. find a new way to volunteer <</>>
  7. quit twirling my hair <</>>
  8. save money for summer trips (little to no spending)
  9. train/play with charlie every day <<eh>>
  10. lose 5 lbs. <<I lost 2 but then gained it back from lifting>>

I knew there was a reason I was heavy on the portion control and not on the exercise. I build muscle relatively quickly and an appetite to match. I hate to see my work in the kitchen backslide when my appetite becomes out of control when I’m exercising. However, I do feel much better having lifted the past two weeks. My body already feels stronger. I know that seems impossible, but I inherited some pretty awesome muscle building genes. 😛

On all points, March was not a great goal reaching month. Maybe I got a little ambitious.

April is going well so far. Our band has another gig this Friday. Hashtag excitement. Charlie and I have been having fun outside even with the snowy weather. I cannot wait until the weather gets a little nicer, and I can squeeze in some trout fishing. One good thing about March was that my summer vacation fund grew a bit, and I was able to put another $75 on my small loan so far. Baby steps.

  1. finish 2 books
  2. lift at least three times a week for 20 minutes
  3. finish knitting Mia’s scarf
  4. trout fish as much as possible
  5. sing more
  6. write more
  7. quit twirling my hair
  8. continue to save vacation money
  9. train/play with charlie every day
  10. lose 5 lbs. and/or a couple of inches all around

I’d like to take this month to focus on myself and less on how much money I do or don’t have. It’s hard when I really want to pay down debt. For right now, I’m doing everything I can, and I want to put more energy into my health and fitness and less on stressing about money I don’t have. So here’s to April!