welcome to lost upstate

My work is about living upstate. It’s about being within the landscape in the present. I am not a “prolific” painter, but I have seen my practice grow in the past few years. I hope that the work I am producing now demonstrates an ethereal version of the way I see the world.

about me

My name is Hannah. I am twenty-seven, a former English major, and a current home-owner. I am making a life for myself and my dog, Charlie, in western New York.

This site is a culmination of years of blogging and, as of recently, a home base for my artwork. Starting in 2009 after a trip to Ghana, West Africa, I began sharing my words online. It has been over ten years since then, but I have migrated those posts to this site – along with many other (embarrassing) posts – as a record of how I started and how far I have come.

I am a self-proclaimed introvert and Renaissance woman. What that means to me is that I have a deep desire to learn, to practice, and to create. I sing; I paint; I refinish hardwood floors; I tile showers and rip out lath and plaster. I love books and art and cooking. I love walking Charlie and being outside.

Art and creativity have always been a part of my life. I was encouraged and taught how to make and create in so many ways. I grew up learning from my mom, who is an acrylic painter – and quite the Renaissance woman herself. My dad, too, taught me to be hands-on and creative. I have both of them to thank for my many hobbies.

I took a few art classes in college, which were very formative in my process now. It was then that I switched from acrylic to oil. While I don’t consider myself a photographer, I generally use my own photographs as inspiration for my oil paintings. Lately, I have been taking aspects of many photos to create one strong image. I think this process will lead me to art that I am proud to create.

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