house projects list 01

The infinite list every home owner dreads – or really appreciates because you’re a weirdo like me.

I was reading this post and found a list of things I was working on in my house. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are mostly done. I have some amendments to add to this list though.

List 01 With Amendments

  1. Sand and finish the hardwood floors. DONE: But I need to post the full B/A photos.
  2. Take measurements of the kitchen and attempt to design my “dream floor plan. DONE: Need to start considering the details of this project.
  3. Remove/throw away the old furniture and junk that the previous owner left in the house.
  4. Get the workout/studio room in a functional state. DONE: Sister #2 helped me with this. Now, I just need to sit and paint more.
  5. Put shades or curtains on the kitchen windows. DONE: Gma Sandy hooked me up.
  6. Buy a couch and chairs. DONE: Salvation Army couch FTW.
  7. Clean the upstairs. NOT DONE: I think I’ll leave the attic as it is for now. It’s a perfect storage space.
  8. Remove linoleum from sun porch. DONE: Now I need to scrape the remnants and pull out the remaining nails.
  9. Get the algae filtered out of the fish tank. DONE: Cotton T-shirts added to the filter system works!

  10. Find a place for the excess heater.
  11. Clean the screens on the front porch.
  12. Clean up the bathroom window situation and repaint
  13. Apply decorative/privacy film to bathroom window and front door
  14. Sand quarter round trim in the bathroom and repaint
  15. Contact local glass worker to fix front window
  16. Get rid of bats
  17. Find piece of trim to finish bedroom trim
  18. Photograph bedrooms