2018 trips so far


Somehow, I manage to travel without knowing it. I’m not complaining. I’m grateful these random trips pop up, and I’m able to take them. I love travel, even when I get horrible motion sickness.

trip to Cleveland 6.19.18 through 6.20.18

The trip to Cleveland was also sort of spontaneous. My sister asked me to be her chaperone, and I was hesitant to say yes. I’m really glad I did though. We had a lot of fun, and I was only responsible for four girls: my sister, my cousin, and two of their friends. They were well behaved – pretty much. I did make us late for the bus once. Rookie chaperone. I didn’t have time to buy a magnet though. I may cheat and order one online.

There are 14 years between my sister and I. I am the oldest. She is the youngest. Everyone says we are twins.



work trip to Atlanta 5.7.18 through 5.10.18

Atlanta was beautiful in May. Travelling from the cold snowy weather we had in NY down into the lush, green South, was a great mood booster. I had a few really good meals while there, but was mostly working. I did manage to grab a magnet from the hotel gift shop. I usually forget!



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