the gifts I gave and the gifts I got

Well I guess I wrote this the day after Christmas and never posted it.

Over the years, I’ve realized that I’m not a bad gift giver. The thing is that I don’t give a gift because I have to, I give the gift that makes sense, one that I want to give. Which means I really should be thinking about gift giving throughout the year so when Christmas comes, I have something my grandma or mom would really like – otherwise, they aren’t getting a gift.

What I gave this year:

Dad – Field & Stream Gun Safe (combined gift)
Mom – A set of 4 vintage style highball crystal glasses and End Plumper from Garnier Fructis
Sister (23) – 10 digital prints for the ceiling in her office
Brother (19) –  Bed, Bath, & Beyond Gift Certificate (as a wedding gift – so that was for my new sister-in-law too) and an ice tray mold in the shape of a submarine
Sister (17) – Clinique Eye Makeup Remover and Eye Cream Set
Brother (13) – Plasma Globe/Bluetooth Speaker
Sister (11) – Sketch book, colored pencils, and giant eraser

What I got:
A black lab wine bottle holder (my brother thought the dog was brown like Charlie… I think I might paint it brown)
A 75-300mm zoom lens (this was totally unexpected)
A Google Chromecast
A projector to connect to the Chromecast
A water nozzle attachment for doggie baths
A kitchen knife set, towel set, photo frame, hoop earrings, scarf, and sweater

I am pretty much overflowing with thankfulness for the gifts I got this year. I can’t wait to hook them up and use them. I’m especially excited for the projector and zoom lens. I can’t wait to get outside and shoot with it.