march goals

So here were last months goals:

  1. read 3 books 
  2. eat healthy for 21 days (a modified 21 day fix)
  3. exercise 3 times per week (beyond walking charlie)
  4. lose 4 pounds
  5. knit a few more baby hats for Nora
  6. go through my junk//de-clutter
  7. go through my closet//simplify my wardrobe
  8. paint the hallway upstairs
  9. paint the basement “hall”
  10. take more photos

So I still have not added more lifting into my daily routine. I’m stuck. I don’t know why. This month I am going to focus on doing three 20 minute workouts per week (plus all the walking with Charlie-which is about an hour every day). 

The wardrobe simplification is on hold until my weight stops fluctuating, in other words, until I’m at a weight I am happy about. I did lose 5 lbs though! I will tell you how. Vegetables. Obviously, walking my dog helps, but really it comes down to less carbs and more veggies and protein. I’ve known this for awhile too. It’s what works for me. So I’m continuing to do this modified 21 day fix for a while. Maybe I can get down to my goal if I keep at it (not this month but in a few months).
March Goals
read 3 books
  1. lift three times a week for 20 minutes
  2. finish knitting Mia’s scarf
  3. take more photos
  4. job search and read up on my field (potential fields too)
  5. find a new way to volunteer
  6. quit twirling my hair
  7. save money for summer trips (little to no spending)
  8. train/play with charlie every day
  9. lose 5 lbs.