why I put all of my tax return toward my loans

A Story About Tax Returns
One day, I hadn’t gotten my federal tax return. Then, at lunch, my bank account showed a large deposit. After lunch, I didn’t have my tax return any more.  The End.
Why did I use all of my tax return on a loan payment? Because I hate being in debt; I’ve hated it since I signed my loan papers for school tuition. So I decided that as soon as I received my return it was going right on my car loan. It wasn’t  hard to let all the return go because it wasn’t in my account long enough for me to miss it. Plus, I absolutely love seeing those numbers tick down on my remaining balance.
I pay my personal loan on my car online through my bank account which is quite handy. Everything goes to the loan as soon as possible. Once I kill the car loan, I’m going to go crazy on those student loans. I might even find a part-time job to really pay them down.