february tbr

I read one book in January, She’s Come Undone, and one book in December, The Other Boleyn Girl. Both of these novels were two that had been sitting on my shelves for some time. See I have this problem where I go into the Salvation Army book room, and I come out with 15 books. Oops.

Anyway, I was impressed with myself because I hadn’t been reading lately. Now, instead of browsing Pinterest before bed, I leave my phone on my computer desk.

I’ve decided that I want to read every book on my bookshelves. I used to want to have a library of books, but now, I vow to only keep the ones that really mean something to me and get rid of anything else. I just don’t need books sitting around collecting dust. I’ve already started the “find a new home” stack. I hope to add the titles below to the stack on March first.

My February To Be Read List

  1. run with the hunted: a charles bukowski reader by charles bukowski. edited by john martin
  2. room by emma donoghue
  3. mirror mirror by gregory maguire


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