Day Trip Adventure – Somewhere I’ve Never Been #1

Now that I have a Monday through Friday schedule like a well adjusted adult, I plan on making the most of my weekends. I had planned on going somewhere new last week, but it didn’t pan out. 

So… Saturday, I went to a “50 Mile Yardsale” with my friend Sarah. After looking at a ton of junk, we went to Long Point State Park in Aurora, NY.

Quaint Post Office // Long Point State Park // Chipotle Treat
I haven’t been to Cayuga Lake since I was little. The water was beautifully green and refreshing. I am thankful that I now have a car on which I can stack my little boat so that we could paddle about the shoreline for a bit.

Sarah and I ate Chipotle afterwards. She had never had Chipotle, and I only had it once. Refueling was entirely necessary after the long morning we had. 

In the future, I hope I get a chance to visit more parks and cities I’ve never explored.