Crossbow? Yes!

Last Friday night, I was driving back from a trip with some friends to a chapel a town over.  It was about 10 o’clock and dark, and all of the sudden, a doe ran in front of my car with about a six point buck following her.  These were two big deer, and I was seconds from running into them.  What an experience.  My home town is rural , but I have still never come that close to a deer accident.  I suppose that ten seconds is a lot of time, and I didn’t really come THAT close.  It was still crazy though!

After that, my close friend and I started talking about hunting and other deer stories.  I have been deer hunting before, but I prefer small game hunting.  I told her that I have wanted to get into archery more.  I have been thinking about asking for a bow for Christmas, and my friend said she really wants a crossbow and has always wanted to hunt.

We agreed it would be good to have these skills for the Zombie Apocalypse, and also that we want to be like Katniss of course.
This is why we’re friends 😛

Little Silver Arrow Necklace