Short? Long? I’m not sure.

I just got back from dropping my sister off with my grandpa, who met us half way.  And, of course we rocked out to Call Me Maybe and One Direction. Who else?  
Sara says it was a short week; I thought it was long.  Every minute I was on a mission because having my sister staying with me kept me going from one thing to another.  It was so very fun though!  If I had a friend as close as my sister at school, I’m not sure that there would ever be a dull moment.  I’d also never get enough work done!  

What did we do you ask?  Well, Sara discovered Blogger while I was in class, and then we spent time together when I wasn’t busy.  We went shopping Tuesday, and Sara pretty much spent all of her money.  I bought two Bodycon skirts and this dress at Rue 21.
On Wednesday we went to TGI Fridays for dinner.  I got Parmesan Crusted Chicken with tortellini.  The garlic Parmesan boneless chicken wings were really good too. mmmmmmm
I borrowed this photo from Sara.
After dinner I read my Anthropology assignment while Sara straightened my hair and snipped my dead ends.  I should probably vacuum now.
My hair is getting so long!
Thursday Sara discovered Skype; she Skyped our cousin Eva who she convinced to make a blog as well.  Before lunch we chatted with our younger siblings (Mom probably needed a distraction for them). 
That night I had a lot of homework so we went to the library.  That was fun.  We were there for four hours, and Sara could not handle it.  WELCOME TO COLLEGE SISTER!
Finally, Friday rolled around, and after classes and office hours we had a photoshoot. Woop!  The weather channel said it would be a gorgeous day, and luckily, it was.
My camera died half way through though so we went back to campus and grabbed dinner and the new yearbook camera to test it.