the monologue of relationship stress

I’m monologue-ing again… inside my head. These are things I’ll probably never say – which sucks because I need to say them. They always boil up inside, overflowing. Everyone should say what they mean to say, admit what they want and not play with each other’s hearts. I should be honest all the time and not be afraid.

Closure is necessary. Without it the monologue never stops boiling, overflowing.¬†How have I not learned to say what I’m thinking and call other people out on their own bullshit?


Fear of being wrong; fear of ruining things.

Are some things better left unsaid?

pride and hurting

How can you watch someone you love hurt over and over again and not hurt? How do you continue to love someone whose values don’t align with yours at all? How do you acknowledge the person that they are and accept that they are no longer your friend? How do you tell someone you love that in order to be who they need you to be, you have to remove yourself from them? How do you wrap your head around their decisions and let them go?