macro flowers in oil

This collection happened by accident. I was painting for the Christmas art show season in 2019 and was working with some small 6×6 MDF boards. I ended up with this little collection of poinsettias and then the geraniums and finally the succulents. All but one have found new homes. Geraniums #2 is still available as of 12/15/21.

hey 2021

It’s been awhile, but I am back. I have been a little busy – mostly with work and the dogs, trying to work out regularly. and renovating the “studio.”

I was laying the trim in the studio and ended up going through my stash of supplies. I found some small 6×6 paintings that I never photographed. I had four but I sold one before scanning it, and actually it was my favorite.

I immediately thought of my cousin’s business Ramble Roots for these three little pieces. So they are also all sold now.

I’ve been feeling really creative lately. I hope to be painting more soon. 🙂

studio time during the shutdown

I have been re-working old pieces for the past few months. When I say that, I mean in the three times I sat down to paint since the beginning of the year 2020, I have been working on the colors and perspectives of three of my old pieces.

The first piece, above, was one that I didn’t like. Even when I “finished” it the first time, it wasn’t really completed. I usually feel that way though. It always seems like I could keep working something forever. In reality, I work on it until I am bored. The Staredown still doesn’t seem finished though. I think it needs to be blended together in some way. I may need to recolor the body or add some goldenrod. I’m not sure.

I have also been playing with watercolors as a means to study color mixing. I love watercolors, but I am really bad at them to be honest. I enjoyed this session (below) of playing around with the color wheel to achieve moodiness and cohesiveness in a palette.

The other two pieces I am re-working are still in progress. Both are portraits of my sisters. They needed something more to make them come alive. I have been trying to remember that photographs only need to influence and motivate a piece; they don’t need to be duplicated in the piece. In effect, I have been attempting to be more ethereal and fantastical with the colors and backgrounds. I want my work to reflect my interpretation of the moment that was captured by the photograph.

I am really proud of the progress I made on the one below.