I hesitate to call this page my portfolio because for some reason it is so hard to accept the fact that I am an artist. I think I make up excuses for why I am not – like the fact that I don’t have a niche. I have mostly painted landscapes but just did a four part series of children sleeping in various places.Β  I recently did a caricature of my niece that was pretty decent, and I would like to delve into that practice a little more. Also, I’m still learning so much about the process. Sometimes I get to the end of a piece, look at it, and think, “I could have done this a lot differently for an overall better product.” But after all that, I think it’s obvious I am an artist. I just have a lot of mediums and haven’t really mastered one yet. That’s the fun part about creating things though. There’s so many ways to create art.

– hannah 12/18/17

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