i had a dream about middle school

About this time last year, I was in a musical. I needed to paint around 15-20 pieces for an art gallery, and I had to have surgery on my knee. I started this post then. At that time it was titled, "What I Do When I'm Stressed." I never finished it. The past few days … Continue reading i had a dream about middle school


how did i end up here?

A friend of the family said to me recently, "One of the greatest misdirections in life, is that being an adult will be easier." I hosted friends at my house for the first time since I actually finished the living room floor. When a friend of my friend unexpectedly needed a place to spend the … Continue reading how did i end up here?

learn to trust yourself

While putting your laundry away, you were thinking about choices. Life is full of them. The choice you make every day is to live in this town. You like it here, but you don't know if somewhere else could be better. You know that you'd miss your family, but you don't know if things would go right for you just because you changed the scenery. Maybe … Continue reading learn to trust yourself

Links To Get Me Through Monday

1. How to Design Your Own Career from Travel. Paint. Repeat2. Hope from Under 30 Experience that I will be able to do what I want to do before I'm 303. This amazing mural I want to emulate on the side of my garage4. 21 Of The Wisest Things Jane Austen Ever Said from Buzzfeed5. This lyric video for Burning House … Continue reading Links To Get Me Through Monday