uncertainty vs. opportunity

About three months ago, I wrote this. In it I explained that I am where I am because I made the best choice I could. I stopped asking, "Is this the path I'm supposed to take?" I chose based on what I know for a fact. I act with intention even though I can't possibly … Continue reading uncertainty vs. opportunity


saturday words

What's crazy about a 7 day week, is that on a Tuesday  you might feel lonely and lost; you might induce a panic attack  by thinking about job searching;  then, on a Friday, you could have an office meeting that makes you feel both Concerned and needed. So on Saturday, when you call your college … Continue reading saturday words

learn to trust yourself

While putting your laundry away, you were thinking about choices. Life is full of them. The choice you make every day is to live in this town. You like it here, but you don't know if somewhere else could be better. You know that you'd miss your family, but you don't know if things would go right for you just because you changed the scenery. Maybe … Continue reading learn to trust yourself