Wow it has been a long time.

I have recently connected with a few of the young people I met when I was in Ghana. They have Facebook profiles, and we are now friends and chat online sometimes. My sister Rita has asked me if we could get her a digital camera, a simple one. I’m not sure what to get because I don’t want to get something that is so cheap that one has to hold it still for ten seconds to get a decent photo, or one that only shoots outside. However, cameras can get expensive, and we can’t afford something too fancy. I have to keep my eye out.


I saw Thor a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, it was great. It was my first 3D movie, and I was blown away!! I was seriously sitting there during the previews saying “I can’t handle this!!” Haha! Never take that technology for granted; it is something amazing.

So Thor was awesome. I’m not a follower of Marvel comics, but I definitely love the movies. I loved Hemsworth (Thor) and Portman (Jane) together. They were absolutely adorable. Their relationship was a little rushed, but I still loved it. Also, the crossovers between the movies are extremely cool. I can’t wait for Captain America and The Avengers too.

Deciding A Major?? :/

Searching for a college.
Finding a college that seems to be yourself in college form.
Touring at said college and deciding it is perfect.
Applying there early decision.
One school, one shot.
Others thinking you’re crazy.
The Congratulations letter.
Get Aquainted Day.
Feeling extremely welcomed.
Searching for the perfect major.
Knowing what you want,
but not how to get it.
Praying for it to just hit you in the face.
Looking through course titles,
classes, and studies.
Wanting to do what makes you happy,
and not what would make others happy.
Learning to love chemistry,
and second guessing your goals.
Figuring out that what you like is people,
and reading and writing about them.
That spanish is something that you want to continue,
and that you don’t need to take International Affairs.
Finding a blog that talks about Journalism and Anthropology and their connection.
Telling your mom that you want to Major in Anthropolgy, Minor in English, and have a concentration in Spanish.
Thinking about how Ghana made you feel and knowing that those experiences have impacted your choices for your future far more than you expected.
You discover what is important for you to study.
You decide your major.